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The rousing story of how the U.S. won its first war against terrorism in the early 1800s.

North Africa’s Barbary pirates long preyed on merchant vessels, and in the late 1700s they began targeting Americans. This book recounts the untold story of one of the defining challenges overcome by the young American republic and brings to life the exploits of William Eaton, an American gentleman adventurer who was appointed consul to Tunis just as hostilities between the Barbary State of Tripoli and the U.S. were about to explode. This fast-moving and dramatic tale examines the events that gave birth to the United States Navy and Marines, recounts the harrowing experiences of American seamen held as slaves in North Africa for more than a decade, and recreates the startling political, diplomatic, and military battles that were central to the conflict.

(John Wiley & Sons – Catalog)

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